Aurora Now

Aurora Now provides a number of different services that are intended to in the end help you see northern lights. One thing that is pretty unique with the app is that you can get the predicted auroral activity at your specific location. The app utilizes the GPS and with this information and data from NOAA we can calculate the probability for auroral activity where you are. Weather conditions are not taken into account, only the auroral activity. It is also possible to purchase our alert service which makes it possible for you to receive push notifications when you have a chance to see aurora (once again, weather conditions not taken into accound here) at your location.

As you can see from the screen shots, the app also lets you know real time solar wind data, such as magnetic components and solar wind speed. Images and graphs from NOAA has also been included to increase the usefulness of the app.

When you start the app you will see a the start tab that has a pretty dark theme (avoiding high frequency colors such as blue and purple). The data is loaded with a minimal overhead and all in the same request, meaning this is ideal for hunting aurora (or other dark environments) where you have bad cellular reception. Avoid loading the images where you have bad reception if you want to keep the data load as fast as possible in the other views.

If you have questions or problems with the app: auroranow &at& viktornilsson &dot& com